Upper West Regional Minister, Ambassador Amin Amidu Sulemani has predicted that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will win all eleven (11) parliamentary seats in the Upper West region.

Speaking to Joy News in Wa, Ambassador Sulemani stated the party in the last four years has worked assiduously to bring development to the doorsteps of the people.

He chronicled the expansion of electricity projects, water delivery and above all improving the quality of their lives of the people.

He said the party will retain the six parliamentary seats it currently holds and is working seriously to adding three of the seats held by the NPP and the PNC and the newly created Nandom constituency seat.

“I have every confidence in the Upper West voter and I believe that there would vote for all our MPs and retain president Mahama at the presidency,” he posited.

He called on Northerners, especially Muslims to reject an appeal made by the former National Youth Organizer of the NPP, Anthony Karbo asking Muslims to vote for the NPP because they have a northern vice presidential candidate.

“The NDC as a party has held Muslims or the Islamic religion in high esteem. It was the NDC that in 1993 declared the two Muslim festivals (Edul-Fitr and Edul-Adha) as public holidays.

The NDC over the years has demonstrated its love and commitment to the Islamic religion by the way it organizes the hajj for pilgrims, hitherto it used to be chaotic and frustrating for prospective pilgrims under the NPP”, he added.

He advised politicians especially members of the NPP to delink politics from religion because the ripple effect sometimes leads to chaos.


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