An NDC youth group in Tamale, 64 Bench, has raised concerns over recent calls on the NADMO boss Dr. Kofi Portuphy to resign after winning the NDC National Chairmanship bid.

The calls according to the group are mischievous and calculated attempts to destroy his reputation.

In a statement signed by the Press Secretary, Alhaji Abukari Malba, the group said Dr Amoako Baah's citation of Article 78 section (3) to back his call for the NADMO boss' resignation is inaccurate.

The political science lecturer is reported to have demanded the resignation of Kofi Portuphy and quoted religiously Article 78 (3) which stated: "A Minister of State shall not hold any other office of profit or emolument whether private or public and whether directly or indirectly unless otherwise permitted by the Speaker acting on the recommendations of a committee of Parliament on the ground-

(a) that holding that office will not prejudice the work of a Minister; and

(b) that no conflict of interest arises or would arise as a result of the Minister holding that office."

But the NDC group has accused the political science lecturer of being mischievous.

The group said in the state that the clause which Dr Baah so religiously cited specifically talked about a minister of state and Mr. Portuphy is not one.

The group said the comment by Dr Baah cannot fly in the face of natural justice and must not be taken serious.

The group bemoaned why these calls are coming now when no such demands were made since 1992 when political party executives, judges, civil and public servants were appointed to boards of public institutions.