Nicolas Cage settles DVD debt

Nicolas Cage is no more a delinquent DVD renter as he has settled his tab with a Los Angeles video store, TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Cage owed Old Bank DVD $224.48 in fees for two movies he never returned — A Star is Born and The King of Comedy.

The store took to Facebook in an effort to get Cage’s attention and it worked (well, our story probably helped a lot too).

The owner of the store tells TMZ Cage called Saturday morning to apologize, blaming the snafu on his assistant.

The owner said Cage was cool and didn’t take any offense to the store calling him out on Facebook.

The store didn’t make Cage fork over the full amount — just $20 in late fees per movie, and another $20 each to keep it … for a total of $80.

The store posted an update on its Facebook page, saying, “As a token of our appreciation for all the fine work Mr. Cage has done in film, with any rental this weekend, our customers may also pick one Nicolas Cage movie for free – and that’s like half our store, I mean seriously, that’s one hard working actor. Welcome back anytime Nic.”