Residents in the Bokrowaso in the Ashanti Region say they will not vote in the 2012 election if government fails to construct roads in the community.

There have been persistent deaths of pregnant women and incidents of still births due to the patchy road network in the area.

Luv FM’s Elton John Brobbey reported that the situation is so precarious that pregnant women have to be driven in wheel barrows before being taken to the nearest hospital.

The residents have made a huge sign post at the junction leading to the community, saying: “no roads, no vote in 2012 general elections”.

A chief of the town, Nana Kwadwo Ojobi, accused the District Chief Executive of the area Alhaji Abdul Majid Aziz for doing very little to resolve the crisis.

Kwodwo Ojobi said a pregnant woman recently collapsed and died on arrival at the hospital because of the poor road network in the area.

Two others had their lives saved but not without complications; one lost her baby whilst the other gave birth to a set of twins even before arrival at the hospital, he stressed.

He warned the residents will not vote in the next election if government does not take steps to construct the roads in the area.