President of FIFA Normalisation Committee Dr Kofi Amoah has said they will consider Asante Kotoko’s petition to represent Ghana in Africa in the 2018/19 season. 

At a stakeholders’ meeting last Friday, a decision was taken to bar clubs from playing in the continent's inter-clubs competition due to the ongoing reforms in the country.

However, Kotoko petitioned the Normalisation Committee to revisit CAF’s statutes and allow them to compete in the Confederation Cup.

“We are statutorily empowered by the combined effects of section 1 (under General Provisions) and section IV(6) (under Engagements) in the new CAF Confederation Cup Regulations, approved on 10th January 2018, came into force immediately and signed by CAF president Ahmad Amad and Secretary General Amr Fahmy,” said CEO George Amoako. 

“Section 1 of the regulations requires cup winners of affiliated associations to participate and Asante Kotoko SC is the current holder of the FA Cup."

“Section IV(6) is to the effect that in the event a federation does not organize a cup competition for whatever reason, that federation has the right to present the participation request of the same club(s) that had previously won the federation's cup. Asante Kotoko is the beneficiary as being the current holders of the FA Cup," he continued.

“Not oblivious of the possibility of getting the nod to participate in the competition, due to the above-cited provisions in the CAF Confederation Cup Regulations, we have had to invest so much in our team by way of technical and player recruitment as well as the acquisition of several facilities.”

And according to Dr Amoah, it will also not be out of place for the committee to consider Kotoko's petition which referred to the CAF Statutes and Regulations.

''Football is run by statutes and regulations, so once Kotoko's petition referred to the CAF Statutes and Regulations, it is only fair for us to look into the matter,'' Dr Amoah told Daily Graphic.