The Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Ishmael Ashittey has warned that he will take President Mills to court as an individual if rumours that he intends to spend GHS 90 million for his campaign, turn out to be true.

Mr. Ashittey said the presidency has the responsibility to use state funds dutifully but not for the President’s selfish gains.

An associate of the Rawlingses Herbert Mensah alleged on Adom FM that, he has information that the President has budgeted GHS 90 million for his campaign to win the NDC flabearership slot when the party goes to congress in July.

This allegation was however challenged by the Communications Director for the ruling NDC in the Central Region Allotey Jacobs who described it as untrue.

Mr. Jacobs described the allegation as a calculated attempt by the Rawlingses headed by Herbert Mensah to tarnish the good image of President Mills.

He stated that president Mills is a gentleman who will not involve himself in vote buying.

But speaking on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem on Tuesday Mr. Ishmael Ashittey said GHS 90 million is enough money to improve the living standards of the people in the country.

Mr. Ashittey believed that there might be some iota of truth in Herbert Mensah’s statement but stated that time will tell if the story is true.

The former Minister of Fisheries described the internal conflicts in the NDC as worrying to the development of the country.

He explained that the internal skirmishes can divert government attention in achieving the goals of the country.

Story by Kwaku Adu Kumi/Samuel Mantey/Adom News/Ghana


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