Public Health Physician and member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has described as a joke the ruling New Patriotic Party’s recent list of campaign promises.

He said the content of NPP’s 2016 manifesto far outweighs that of their 2020 manifesto.

“When you read the 2016 manifesto it gave you a list of their aspirations but their recent manifesto is only telling us what they have done and not what they want to do again,” he said.

Speaking on the Super Morning Show Thursday, he said he preferred the NPP’s 2016 manifesto to this year’s because it spelt out in detail what the party’s plan for the nation was in terms of policies, projects among other things, however, this year’s lack such details.

“Their (2020) manifesto says ‘we promised to pay allowances, we’ve paid it. We promised to deliver drones, we’ve done it.’ Is that a maifesto?,” he quizzed.

The NPP in August, launched its Manifesto which contained a total of 143 promises, as against a total of 510 promises made in 2016.

Notable among the policies is a promise to establish an airport at Cape Coast when given the nod to serve a second term.

The NPP has also promised a no guarantor loan system for tertiary students.

The party in the manifesto also stated that it has reduced inflation, doubled economic growth, provided free education at the Senior High School level, reduced the rate of exchange rate depreciation, reduced the fiscal deficit and improved the country’s external payments position, among other achievements.

Dr Jehu Appiah, however, said most of the promises listed in the new manifesto are projects that have already been undertaken by the government.

He further reiterated the NDC’s promise to provide free and accessible healthcare for all when the party is given the nod in the upcoming elections.

He said the party is committed to improving healthcare delivery in the country by building more healthcare infrastructure, providing training for healthcare workers as well as spreading healthcare professionals across all parts of the country.

He added that the party, if given the nod, will not abandon projects that the ruling party failed to complete prior to leaving office.