More than sixty residents in the Ayawaso North Municipality of the Greater Accra region have been issued summons for failing to clean their immediate environs.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Ayawaso North, Aminu Mohammed Zakari, led a group of sanitation officers to inspect homes and shops around the Timber market in Accra New Town on Tuesday, January 11.

The exercise was a pilot of the yet-to-be-fully-implemented ‘Operation Clean Your Frontage’ initiative.

The initiative was launched by President, Akufo-Addo in October 2021. Under this initiative, the citizens are expected to clean and clear any gutter in their respective surroundings to ensure cleanliness.

This forms part of the vision of the Greater Accra Regional Minister under the theme, ‘Let’s Make Accra Work’.

The MCE promised to deal with those who flout the law without fail. He assured that the Assembly will fully implement the policy in the month of February, this year.

According to him, “the law will take its cause if anyone dares it.”

Operation Clean Your Frontage: Over 60 defaulters summoned over failure to clean immediate environs
One of the affected residents speaking to the media

Some of the residents who were issued summons were unhappy with the way the operation was being implemented.

“I like the attempt of trying to sanitise the area but this is an area holding many people. What we want is that they should give us rules and regulations to guide us,” one Alhaji Saani appealed.

Another resident, Adbul Latif, identified that the asphalt on the roads covers some of the metal covers on the drains, making those parts unreachable. He says they cannot be faulted for an engineering error.

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