Dancehall King Shatta Wale has found a remedy for his religious followers who could not gather today for their usual Sunday church services following the ban on social gatherings.

Shatta, in a bid to keep the spirit of God alive, has turned his Twitter page into a church where he held a one-hour service.

‘Pastor Shatta’, who began by praising God, had his power-filled sermon trending at Number One on the app.

The sermon was drawn from the Book of Peter which talks about hope. It was to uplift his fans in these trying times that the world is faced with the coronavirus pandemic.

He said the verse was a sword and weapon to fight any situation that makes one sad and depressed.

After the ‘mighty’ preaching, ‘Pastor Shatta’ led his fans through the sinner’s confession prayer after which they sang praises to end the church service.

It appears the dancehall musician has been touched by the Holy Spirit as he first presented himself as a prophet, declaring doom unto sinners who fail to honour God.

A few days ago, Shatta revealed he had a revelation from God, explaining how His (God) wrath has brought forth a new plague, the coronavirus.

Find some of Shatta tweets below: