The Acting Executive Secretary of the National Peace Council has asked the public to reject reports the Council has called for the arrest of the leader of the True Word Prophetic Fire Ministries, Prophet Nigel Gaisie.

The reaction by Mr George Amo follows media reports that he ordered for the arrest of Prophet Gaisie for making prophecies about the upcoming 2020 general elections.

In a statement issued Friday he denied the claim stating that “I did not call for the arrest of Prophet Nigel Gaizie in any interview I have granted, or have I at any time called for the arrest of any persons for giving a prophecy.”

The media reports, however, indicated that Mr Amo reacted to the end of year prophesies made by some pastors by condemning them and calling for the arrest of Prophet Gaisie.

The Acting Executive Secretary described the news as mere fabrication.

Mr Amo admitted that he condemned prophesies that will cause havoc to the nation but said he never called for the arrest of anyone in any interview.

“I did condemn prophesies that have the potential to derail the peace of the country and anybody who makes allegations that the electoral commission wants to rig the 2020 elections must be ready to support it with evidence,” Mr Amo said in the statement said.