Start afresh. Start refreshed. Embrace the new promise of life in 2022.

You can’t win every fight. You can’t win every battle. So, beyond the big dreams, rhetorics, adventures, and seized and missed opportunities of 2021, we are, 2022!

Born from Jagouk, a tiny village under Bunkpurugu District, I have always been an audacious and ambitious young man, full of dreams and aspirations with the hunger and anger to fight this life squarely and succeed.

Though I’m not there yet and not disappointed where I am, my experience of the harsh realities of this life has taught me one thing; man has no guaranteed life.

Start Afresh!

After losing Joe (my immediate elder brother) and Ante Sala ( My Mother) within the last three years, my appreciation of how transient and tentative life can be deepened.

Joe was probably more audacious and adventurous at life than me and many of us, yet, he could not survive beyond 2019 to accomplish his dreams.

I wake up every day to the reality of his uncompleted physical projects around us. One thing is certain, no second chance for Joe; he will never return to get them completed. Ante Sala was probably more Gospel and careful at life than many of us, yet she failed to survive 2021.

As I admonished you in my short Christmas Message last week, I repeat to you to hasten slowly about your expectations, dreams, successes and failures of this life. Run too quick and too slow in 2022.

This life can be too far, yet too close. So remain the audacious and adventurous you are, yet relax, relax. Worry less and let things go.

Reading about and listening to tributes of Elvis Kwashie – The late Brand Manager at The Multimedia Group, I watched him pray in front of his staff at the beginning of 2020 that “God should not let anyone under my watch die,” little did he know, he will not survive 2021.

I saw the stardom of Ebony at age 20 before her demise and I saw the swearing-in of their Excellencies Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and Joe Biden in their 70s and 80s.

That is how uncertain, irregular, unpredictable and convoluted this life can be. Worry less! Take it a step at a time.

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