PNC positive about congress despite cracks

The People’s National Convention (PNC) has expressed strong optimism about its upcoming congress despite perceived cracks within the party.

The Nkrumahist party goes to congress on November 25 to elect new leaders and review its constitution.

The event comes on the back a long-drawn legal tussle between blocs within the party. But General Secretary of the PNC Benard Mornah says the PNC looks forward to a successful congress.

“There cannot be doubt that there is a strong will on the part of party members irrespective of their earlier positions to ensure that our party is knitted on a simple mat in order to position ourselves for election 2012,” he said.

The PNC is organizing a national executive meeting for the 17th of October 2011 “to firm up on this decision…We’re just reaffirming the date and to formerly open up nominations and set up various committees that will help assure us a good congress.”

Meanwhile, a leading member of the party, Dr Somtim Tobiga, who has in recent times been at the centre of some legal wrangling within the party believes the party has yet to put in place the necessary measures warrant the upcoming congress.

“The first one was that we need under article 7 of our constitution requires that we have a registered list of voters. We found out that at the constituency level and regional level and national level there [was] no list of voters and that has led to a lot of vote rigging, intimidation and fraud and we said this time we must go down and make sure we have a list of voters,” Dr Tobiga said.

“The next thing that was supposed to happen was that before national election there must be constituency and national elections…As far as I know, these things have not been done.”