The Brong Ahafo Regional Police Command is gradually closing in on the masterminds behind the alleged beheading of a 12 year-old boy at Bompa, a farming community in the Atebubu-Amantin District, with the arrest of a third suspect.

The latest person to be arrested, Kwadwo Fosu, 42, was picked up by the Police at Bompa on Tuesday morning after the arrest of the second suspect, Namitor Koula, 45, on Monday.

The suspects are said to have beheaded the little boy, Kwame Amoah, in order to use the head for ritual purposes in Techiman.

According to the police, a fourth suspect, Alidu Wala, who was mentioned earlier by the first suspect, Sumalia Yahaya, 32, is still at large. The three suspects, said to be farm labourers, have been transported from Kintampo to the Brong Ahafo Regional Police Headquarters in Sunyini.

At the time of the suspects’ arrival in Sunyani, at 3:00p.m Yesterday, the courts were said to have closed and they were, therefore, kept in Police custody to be put before court today on a provisional charge murder.

The Kintampo Municipal Police Commander, Superintendent of Police Mr. Edmund Owusu Boampong, who briefed the Daily Graphic, said Yahaya, who was arrested with the head of the deceased by the Police in Techiman last Friday, kept on changing his story.

According to Mr. Boampong, when Yahaya was interrogated by the Police on his arrest, he claimed he was going to use the head of the boy for ritual purposes (popularly called “Sakawa” or “Sika Duro”).

However, in another instance, he told the Police that the quartet planned to sell the head of the boy to make money to end their suffering.

Source: Daily Graphic


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