Police in Accra are holding eight persons arrested for attempting to attack the Nima Police Station.

The eight were part of over hundred youth who demonstrated against the police, accusing personnel of killing their colleague, Sadam Sulley Abdulai at Asylum Down over the weekend.

Police had to fire warning shots to disperse the group.

Five of them were picked up as police tried breaking the demonstration.

Three others were arrested when the youth massed up at the Kotobabi Police Station to protest, accusing the police of killing him without provocation, an allegation the police have denied.

Police Superintendent Yao Tettegah who led a police re-enforcement to the area told Multi TV’s Yaa Fosua Gyamfua: “they were going to attack the Nima Police Station. But the police presence there made them to divert attention to the Kotobabi Police station.”

He estimated the number of demonstrators to be about 300. “They were throwing stones, with machetes, trying to attack the police,” he said, hence the use of riot control equipment to disperse them.

The residents say the police have been untruthful in their claim that 21 year old Sadam Sulley Abdulai was not killed by members of their patrol team on Saturday night.

This is despite corroboration by some eyewitnesses that the young man, who was shot, was an armed robber.

The police say Abdulai, who was seated on the back of the motorbike, in the late hours of Saturday, February 22, 2014, arrived at a bar  in the area and started shooting indiscriminately, killing a man drinking at the bar with a friend.

They claim the friend of the one shot, also returned fire killing Abdulai, as the bikers attempted to escape from the scene.


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