A police officer who allegedly fired his pump action gun into a crowd of mourners and thereby injuring one person on the Accra-Tema Motorway has been arrested by the East Legon Police Command.

District Commander Superintendent Kwame Gyasi Asare said investigations are ongoing after which the culprit will be made to face the law.

“We have started an investigation and we will continue from tomorrow. We will also be given directives from our superiors,” he told Joy News.

On Saturday, a police officer reportedly picked a weapon from his car and fired into the crowd after he complained the mourners had crossed him.

According to an eyewitness account, the mourners were returning from a burial at Ashaiman when the policeman together with his two other colleagues driving a Toyota Landcruiser stopped them, claiming they were driving carelessly.

He said, the driver and other mourners quickly knelt down asking for forgiveness after the man identified himself as a police officer.

The eyewitness further added that the policeman unmoved by their plea asked them to go back but they refused.

This he said the officer went to his vehicle, brought out a gun and fired shots at the group, leaving a lady unconscious.

Speaking to JoyNews, Kwame Gyasi Asare indicated that the Police code of ethics frowns upon such acts, hence, the actions of the police officer will be dealt with.

“As police officers, we have our own code of ethics and we will apply it and the criminal side is also there, we are going to weigh the two and see what we can do.”

Meanwhile, the injured lady is currently at the 37 Military Hospital seeking treatment.

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