Police authorities in Abuja Friday confirmed to Saturday Vanguard that notable Nollywood actor, Mr. Rich Oganiru was arrested and is being investigated in connection with the alleged killing of his wife (name with-held).

According to the source, Oganiru was arrested following a petition by family and relations of the wife who claimed that she was poisoned by the actor who had allegedly perfected the act to do away with her in order to acquire her wealth said to be stupendous.

The wife was said to have been hospitalised for three months for an undisclosed ailment in an Abuja hospital with the Nollywood actor abandoning her until the last day she was to be discharged, before Oganiru came to the hospital to take her home.

On getting home, she died that same day. Police sources however told Saturday Vanguard that though investigation into the death and alleged murder of the wife was still ongoing, Mr. Oganiru has been granted bail.

When Saturday Vanguard sought to know why the Police would grant a murder suspect bail, the source disclosed that though there was evidence to show the actor did not treat his wife well regarding her well being, there was nothing to show the actor had a hand in her death.

The source pointed out that both forensic and medical examinations were performed on the corpse of the deceased and that the posthumous examination showed she did not die as a result of poison.