The sale of some 400 acres of land to a Nigerian investor in Ningo Prampram in the Greater Accra Region has generated lots of tension with the youth threatening mayhem if the land is developed.

The youth claim no proper consultation was done in the sale and warn the investor to stay away.

A group calling itself the Great Ningo Development Forum, made up of prominent members in the area, has petitioned President John Mills to investigate the circumstances under which the land was sold.

They accuse top political gurus of being behind the sale.

Speaking to Joy News’ Stephen Anti, the spokesperson of the group JS Djangmah said the politicians connived with the Mankralo of the area to sell those huge tracts of land to the investor.

He said the Mankralo had no locus to sell those plots of land without proper consultation with the Prampram Traditional Council.

“This man happens to be the Mankralo. He is not the stool head he is not the head of the family that he belongs….

“A matter like this really should have gone before the Great Ningo traditional Council,” he stressed.

He would not name the politicians behind the sale except to say that the information will be made available to the President.

According to JS Djangmah, the 400 acres of land is earmarked for a hotel complex, a project he believes is not appropriate for a rural community whose mainstay is agriculture.

“First of all is the loss of the land to the people. There hadn’t sufficient consultations with the people.

“…In a rural community where the land is most appropriate for farming, the development is not appropriate,” he argued.

He accused the lady investor of masterminding what he says are arbitrary arrests in the area of people who are against the land sale.

The group he said is asking the president to institute a committee to investigate how much the land was sold for and who has the right of sale.

He warned of dire consequences if the appropriate measures are not taken to ease the tension in the area.

Joy News correspondent Benjamin Tetteh said the situation is calm but suspects it could degenerate when the investor starts developing the land.


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