Nurses at the Accra psychiatric hospital have declared an indefinite strike starting Thursday morning to protest government’s failure to pay their salary arrears.

The nurses had called a similar strike a couple of months back and were promised they will be paid in full by the end of September, by the Employment Minister, Haruna Iddirisu.

The nurses say that promise has not been honoured, hence the renewal of the strike.

Spokesperson for the aggrieved nurses, Emmanuel Febiri said although they have worked for close to two years, only three months’ salary has been paid.

He said they have been hopeful for a long time but they cannot continue to hold on.

“We are going to the house because some of us need to settle our loans and rents and we’ve given our creditors the assurance that by the end of the month we will settle our debts but nothing has happened so we’re going to the house and until the monies are released into our accounts, we will stay there”, he said.

According to the nurses, it has become evident that all the processes brokered by government were strategic and deceptive steps to get them back to work.

“Just like all other work force in Ghana, we have a duty to serve our clients and country but our rights to work under satisfactory, safe and healthy conditions, and to receive equal pay for equal work without distinction of any kind cannot be compromised”.