The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has endorsed the Camel brand, as the official antiseptic product for the Association.

The endorsement was sealed in an agreement signed between PZ Cussons Ghana, producers of Camel and the Association.

The Business Unit Director for PZ Cussons Ghana, Mr. David Afflu, signed on behalf of the company, while the President of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr. Frank Ankobea (Esq.), initialed on behalf of the association.

The PZ Unit head said the endorsement of the Camel brand was in fulfillment of the mutual relationship existing between the two institutions which spans over seven years.

He said the endorsement would deepen the relationship and serve as a booster for PZ Cussons to give more priority to preventive healthcare.

The Head of Brand Development and Activation at PZ Cussons, Madam Hafsa Arthur, who shared a few words during the signing ceremony, said the endorsement relationship between PZ Cussons and the Ghana Medical Association focuses primarily on the Camel brand.

“Camel has been endorsed by the Ghana Medical Association. This means that anybody who picks up a bottle of Camel antiseptic liquid and bar of Camel soap knows that every claim we’re making as a brand has been authenticated and backed by relevant health parties,” she said.

President of GMA, Dr. Frank Ankobea (Esq.) expressed appreciation to PZ Cussons Ghana for partnering with the Ghana Medical Association to provide quality hygiene care to Ghanaians.

He said in recognition of its mandate of ensuring that the health needs of the public are met, the GMA conducted an assessment of the quality of products produced by PZ Cussons and can therefore attest of the immense benefits the products would give to consumers.

He gave the assurance that the Association would continue to provide the needed support to promote the Camel and Carex brands and ensure Ghanaians get value for their money.

The endorsement of the Camel brand has happened at a time when the brand is in a transition phase and is being characterized under the Carex brand franchise. Mr. Afflu explained “this transition means Camel is now from the Carex brand even though both brands are duly recognized by the GMA.

“Through this transition, the activities we’ve done together with the Ghana Medical Association under the umbrella of this endorsement have been mutually beneficial, especially to our consumers and the Ghanaian community at large,” he said.

On his part, Dr. Frank Serebour, the Vice President of the Ghana Medical Association, acknowledged the mutual collaboration between the two institutions. “Working together with PZ Cussons Ghana has been very beneficial. Our joint efforts over the years have seen to the education and sensitization of health professionals and patients on various health issues. We’re also grateful to PZ Cussons for responding to our call to support hospitals that lacked medical resources.

The endorsement signing was witnessed by Dr. Justice Duffu Yankson (Esq.), General Secretary of GMA; and other GMA executives. Officials of PZ Cussons were Mrs. Maryann Boaten and Ms. Araba Delphina Essandoh.

The Camel brand features in the preventive health space. This is important because its range of products ensures maximum skin health while creating enjoyable family moments, knowing that at the end of the day when children play and they run in the mud, you are able to wash them up with the relevant products which have the best germ kill abilities.