A pastor with the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) has urged says parents and guardians to raise their daughters to love themselves.

Theresa Wiafe-Asante said this will help them to grow confidently and believing in who they are and knowing themselves well.

Her comments come as a woman emailed Joy FM’s Home Affairs show about how her husband has requested for her to lose weight to return to the size she once was at the start of their marriage.

The pastor said partners must negotiate, especially with their wife on what they both want in their marriage. 

She said in most cases wives simply agree to what their husbands want without considering themselves in the equation.

“Everything is yes for a husband and there is no yes for a wife,” she said.

She also explained on the show, that what women need to do is to learn to love themselves and guardians raise their daughters to love themselves also to know their worth in a marriage.

“When a woman doesn’t really know what she represents to begin with and she has no love for herself even before she gets married, she feels that somebody must give her love,” she said.

She bemoaned how it has got to a point where women seek for the love they need to find within themselves, in men and when women are not receiving this kind of love from them, their worlds come to an end.

She stressed that this should not be the case.

“For all of us who have daughters, let us train them to love them before they seek love from other people,” she said.

“But seriously after two or three children if any man asks you to still be size eight then certainly you have married a baby from the beginning.”

“If a man is asking his wife for these things, then certainly he needs a rethink,” too, the pastor added.