A strike by commercial drivers in Dansoman SSNIT flat in Accra has left some residents homebound, unable to go to work or to school.

The stranded and aggrieved residents directed their anger not at the drivers, but some few residents they accuse of hijacking the vicinity.

The accused residents incensed with what they referred to as excessive noise made by the commercial drivers, especially at dawn, dragged them to court.

The court ruled in favour of the residents and threatened huge fines on the drivers if they do not stop making noise.

Unhappy with the ruling, the drivers decided to park their cars or change their routes, but some of the residents have been worst hit.

Stuck at the lorry station for hours with no sign of their reliable vehicles to convey them to work, to school or the market, the residents vented their spleen on the few residents who insisted on their right to privacy.

Some told Joy News they will not allow three residents to control the whole of the SSNIT flat.

They say they do not have money to buy their own private cars or to hire a taxi to and from work.

They also accused one of the plaintiffs who dragged the drivers to the court of hypocrisy, accusing her of running a chop bar which plays loud music in the vicinity.

It is not however certain whether the drivers will rescind their decision and return to work

Some advocated for consensus between the drivers and the residents adding, “If there is no trotro, there is no private car.”

Listen to the concerns of some of the residents in the attached audio.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/Myjoyonline.com/Ghana