Residents in the hometown of the late president John Mills are wailing over what they say are the many broken promises of president John Mahama to continue the development projects started by his predecessor.

Joy FM 's Central Region correspondent Richard Kojo Nyarko said the anger of the residents has been stretched to the limit and are threatening to hoot at any government official who steps foot in the area to campaign ahead of the 2016 elections.

According to the residents, the long stretch of road at Ekumfi Otuam which was started by President John Mills has been abandoned ever since president John Mahama took over.

Kojo Nyarko described the road as bumpy, dusty and full of potholes.

Current state of roads in Ekumfi district

A month ago, residents took to the streets to demonstrate over the poor nature of the road but the demonstration turned chaotic, Nyarko reported.

They claim other projects, including classroom blocks, library facilities all of which were promised by Mahama when he visited them are yet to be fulfilled.

Passengers had to abandon their cars and walk to their destination.

Interestingly, the residents claim Papa Kwesi Nduom, flagbearer of the Progressive People's Party in the 2012 election promised to build a school for them and has delivered on his promise.

They do not understand why president John Mahama who collects taxes from them and has power to deliver has failed to honour his promise.