Some residents of the Ayensu River Estates have started packing out of the estates for fear of their lives following rampant armed attacks on them.

Some of the residents are lodging in hotels while others are living in the homes of relatives and friends.

Reports of persistent armed robberies in the area led the police to respond with increased day and night patrols in the area. But when Joy News visited the estates last week, some of the residents were seen packing. According to them, they will be more secure if they move out.

One resident told Joy News “we were attacked by armed robbers [who] brought in knives, guns and they took almost everything from us including our money, provisions and even pure water. We were so scared that we had to move from Ayensu to another place, they told us they will come next week that is the reason for us leaving Ayensu because it looks as if it’s continuous [but]the police are not doing anything about it.”

Another resident said his wife has refused to come home. “She is now living with the parents with [our] kid. So it has not been easy. Sometimes even myself I have to sleep outside, if it is very late I have to join her,” he added.

“We had to forgo our home and the property and think about our lives,” yet another resident lamented.

Source: Joy News/Ghana