Rev. Dr. Samuel Kisseadoo and his Fruitful Ministries International Incorporated, has adopted Accra Girls High School as a model institution in Ghana for aspiring young girls.

Rev Kisseaddo and his church believe the school needs to be promoted to facilitate enhancing the value and training of women for success in the Ghanaian society.

Since 2005, a Fruitful Ministries (FM) Club has been established in Accra Girls High School with the primary aim of teaching and guiding young girls to prepare for a successful personal and family life in the future.

Fruitful Ministries sometimes give the graduating students certificates after going through at least two years of the training and the meetings, and therefore regarding them as people equipped sufficiently to minister to their peers.

Under the supervision of their patron Mrs. Viola Damale (a teacher in the school), students of Accra Girls High School entertained and enlightened the audience at a recent event with an interesting and drama on the importance of good parenting and the need for the establishment of godly morals in the home.

Miss. Gifty Adjei, an old student of Accra Girls High School and a Cape Coast University graduate, testified to the audience how the FM Club has helped to equip her for her present and future success, especially for family life.

Rev Kisseaddo and the FM International Inc say donations in cash and kind to help the education, training, encouragement, motivation, and building of godliness in the students of Accra Girls High School would be greatly appreciated. 

“We encourage especially Old Students of Accra Girls High School, present and former teachers and parents of the school, and all patriotic loving people who wish to support the building of a very strong feminine infrastructure for the success of our nations" said Rev Kisseaddo.

Fruitful Ministries International, founded by Rev Samuel Kisseaddo is an evangelistic and teaching ministry that give individual guidance for personal success, trains pastors and leaders, provide solid teaching that is practical for daily living, and actively engages in ministry to relationships, courtships, homes, marriages, and families.

To send your donations, or obtain more information, please call the authorities of Accra Girls High School on 233-244-121079, or 233-244-605715, or 233-277-154454, or send e-mail to:


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