Some members of the Minority in Parliament have urged the government to reverse its decision to purchase 49.5% shares of Airtel in AirtelTigo.

Member of a Communications Committee of Parliament and MP for Kunbungu, Ras Mubarak has said the government has no business acquiring a company that is making losses and has liabilities of almost GH¢1 billion.

According to him, the government needs to revoke its decision and look for better alternatives to protect the livelihoods of persons rather than taking over the company.

“As far as the facts we know are concerned, I don’t think it is in the short and long term interest of the people of Ghana.

“Government should not be the referee and player, it doesn’t make any sense. Government is the referee through NCA and wants to be the player after the acquisition of AirtelTigo,” he added.

His comments come after a decision by Bharti Airtel to sell 100% shares of its Ghana business for $25 million to the Ghana government, which will acquire customers, assets and agreed liabilities.

Mr Ras Mubarak explained that government would go against its promises in the 2016 NPP manifesto as it plans to lead job creation and not the private sector.

He added that “government should not be taking such a major decision only a few days to the next elections.

“The NPP government in their 2016 manifesto under trade and industry stated it should be the private sector that leads the country’s job creation and not the government.

“There has to be a reversal in the interest of the private sector. Otherwise, the government will muscle out other companies in that space,” he stated.

According to a statement from the Communications Ministry, the government has gone far with discussions with AirtelTigo to transfer Airtel’s shares to the government.

“The Government of Ghana, Airtel and Tigo are in advanced stages of discussions for the transfer of AirtelTigo shares to the Government of Ghana along with all customers, assets and agreed liabilities.”