The Communications Director of rLG Communications, Millicent Atuguba has said the company’s assembling plant is ready to employ an additional forty thousand hands in a partnership with the National Youth Employment Programme.

She said some of the youth will be assigned to work inside the plant itself while others will be engaged as sales and marketing executives.

So far, about six thousand youth have already undergone an intensive six-months training course and are currently assisting in the assembling of rLG mobile phones and computers.

Speaking in an interview with Adom Business News on Tuesday, Millicent Atuguba said though the company faces stiff competition, they are striving hard to meet the demands of the public and stand out as well.

She said the company is pursuing programmes to highlight rLG technology as a well-known brand in both Ghana and abroad especially within the West African market.

The objective of rLG Communications is to capture about 80 per cent of the West African Market by 2012.

As part of moves to achieve the set objectives, Miss Atuguba explained that since the company has already launched its assembling plants, plans are underway for the company to be listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE).

The company amongst others aims at assembling, producing and distributing state of the art mobile phones and laptops.

Story by Afia Akyere/Adom News/Ghana


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