First National Bank has announced Samuel Dakurah as its Chief Information Officer.

He will lead the bank’s technology, data and digital transformation teams, with a focus on advanced technical capabilities, including cyber security and infrastructure, as well as accelerating First National Bank’s growth as a leading digital financial services provider.

Mr Dakurah is a senior IT executive with 20 years of progressive experience in the technology space, having handled many key digital transformation projects over this period including Core Banking, Digitalization and IT Infrastructure.

The CEO of First National Bank, Dominic Adu explained that the bank’s resolve to offer consumers the best digital platforms can only be realized with the expertise of the most talented resources in the financial services industry.

“Samuel’s track record for delivering industry-leading digital solutions within the financial services sector as well as other industries make him suitable for this highly important and critical role as we look to enhance our technology vision to further cement our digital banking positioning in this sector,” Mr Adu said.

Prior to joining FNBG, Mr Dakurah was HeadoOf Technology and Business Systems Support at Republic Bank where he worked on a number of key projects including the re-implementation of a new Digital Banking platform.

He had previously worked with GCB Bank as Head, IT Strategy & Projects, and also at UT Bank and UBA as Head, Banking Technology and Senior Systems Analyst, respectively.

Before entering the banking industry, he was a Senior Programmer with TheSofttribe.

He is a certified ISO27001 Senior Lead Implementer and holds several professional certifications as well as an MSc in Engineering Project Management and a BSc in Computer Science.

“I look forward to advancing the technology and digital transformation strategy and vision for First National Bank, which is already one of the leading digital financial service providers in Ghana,” Mr. Dakurah said. 

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