The London-based Council for Afrika International, a think-tank, has noted that the Black Satellites’ victory remains a touching tribute to the centenary celebrations of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah.

According to a spokesperson of the group, Dr Koku Adomdza, the Under 20 World Cup victory by the Satellites resonates resoundingly and significantly in many ways.

“First of all, it is a profound message, which signals a new beginning not only for Ghana but the whole African continent and African Diaspora, to take the necessary strides to recapture, possibly, the glory of ancient African Kingdoms.”

A statement issued to the GNA recounted President Obama’s address to Africa in the Ghanaian Parliament, which alerted the youth to their role and responsibility as future leaders and their right to demand accountability from the adult ruling elite.

“With the FIFA U-20 World Cup in their grasp, the Black Satellites have proven beyond reasonable doubt, that not only did they listen to the ‘Yes We Can’ mantra of the US President, but also that they can practicalize and deliver to their mission at the world stage, regardless of the economic recession.”

Dr Adomdza said the victory is a clear message to Ghana, Diaspora Africa and Africa’s ruling elite to go for excellence in the discharge of their leadership responsibilities by lifting Africa and its peoples from the doldrums of seeming perpetual economic under-development, poverty and deprivation, amidst plenty.

He said, at the beginning of the Under-20 world football tournament, the Satellites were easily discarded as an underdog team, adding, “world championship seemed distant and almost insurmountable, if not an impossibility”.

He noted however, that the Black Satellites exercised discipline, trained, worked tirelessly and their efforts were rewarded with the highest laurel befitting genuine patriotic warriors of Africa.

“This is a challenge to the political elite in Ghana and Africa to dawn a possibility mentality, exhibit unquestionable patriotism, courage, exercise lateral thinking and deliver economic prosperity, which is a vision that has eluded Ghana and Africa ever since the demise of the ancient African Empires; and more recently, since the political decolonization over a half a century ago”.

Dr Adomdza noted that besides the visit of the US President Obama to Ghana, the victory of the Satellites is the most fitting and meaningful tribute to the vision of Dr Nkrumah.

“The Black Satellites’ World Cup victory is a display of patriotic ambition with exemplary winning characteristics that are integral to Nkrumah’s vision and mission for Ghana and Africa.

“Importantly, this historic World Cup victory is more meaningful and tangible than the plethora of cosmetic events and talking shops that have characterized Nkrumah@100 celebrations, which have no direct bearing whatsoever on the continued rape and plunder of the natural and human resources of the African continent by a complicated web of vested foreign interests in cahoots with their conscienceless African lackeys, who pitifully bask in massive ill-gotten wealth, while their kin and kith live and die in abject poverty.”

He said: “The Black Satellites listened, tried hard and delivered. Let the ruling elite take up the gauntlet and justify their power by manifesting economic development and shared prosperity to the African peoples.

“That would be a most fitting tribute to Dr Nkrumah. Well done, the Black Satellites. Ghana, the African Continent and Diaspora Africa and the Osagyefo are proud of you,” he stressed.

Source: GNA


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