The Executive Director of the Ghana School Feeding Programme, S.P. Adamu says the Ghana School Feeding School Feeding Programme (GSFP) has not been suspended as being reported by sections of the media.

Mr. Adamu however explained that the programme is rather going through re-organization. According to him, most beneficiary schools are in the urban areas, thereby making it difficult for donors to see the need to continue to fund the programme.

The Director therefore noted that, the re-organization is focused on re-targeting and expansions to rectify the difficulties the programme has been facing since 2007.

Speaking on Asempa Fm’s current affairs programme Ekosii Sen, Mr. Adamu hinted that the programme lost focus right from its onset and was concentrated in urban cities instead of the rural areas where most parents are destitute.

He added “this derailed the objective of the programme and also pushed the Dutch government and World Bank to withdraw their sponsorship from the School Feeding programme”.

Mr. Adamu further explained that no caterer of the programme will cook until 3rd October when all the districts might have completed their work of groupings or selection of beneficiary schools. He pleaded with all parents to bear with the government since the re-organization, as he put it, will go a long way to benefit their wards when the process is completed.

Meanwhile the former head of the programme Dr. Amoako Tuffuor under the Kufuor administration has affirmed his readiness to offer some advice to help sustain the programme should the government consult him.

Dr. Amoako Tuffuor said politics must not shadow and collapse the programme.

On allegations of mismanagement against the previous managers of School Feeding headed by Dr. Amoako Tuffuor, he said “investigation was conducted by the Auditor-General but nothing was found against him and that those who were found to have misapplied funds or were at fault have been punished”.