Tired of dancing with yourself, men? Scientists may have the answer for you.

Psychologists in England say they’ve identified specific dance moves that make men attractive to women.

And the body parts they highlight aren’t necessarily what women think they’re looking for — or at.

In fact, Northumbria University psychologists say, it’s the left wrist and the right knee, as well as the head and the trunk that women consider.

The scientists filmed 19 men dancing, then mapped their moves onto featureless avatars using technology similar to the computer animation used in making animated movies.

Then they had 35 heterosexual women rate the attractiveness of the dancing, without the distraction of whether the dancer himself was good-looking.

Armed with the findings, men can learn more attractive ways to dance, lead researcher Nick Neave of Northumbria University said.

“We now know which area of the body females are looking at when they are making a judgment about male dance attractiveness,” said Neave, a psychologist.

“If a man knows what the key moves are, he can get some training and improve his chances of attracting a female through his dance style,” he said.

Neave and his team think head, trunk, wrist and knee movements show how healthy, vigorous and strong a man is — and thus reveal his “reproductive quality,” they said in a statement announcing their findings.

The findings are published Wednesday in the Royal Society journal “Biology Letters.”

Source: CNN