Three Sales Agents of SIC Life Company Limited have been rewarded with an all-expense-paid trip to Dubai for emerging top-performers in their fields for 2020.

They include; Joseph Richard Wilson, the ultimate winner who gets $3000 spending money. The 2nd runner up is Francis Egbenya and whiles the 1st runner up is John Dogbla. They both get $2000 and $1000 spending money respectively.

Sixty (60) other Sales Agents across the country were awarded for their exceptional performance at the 2020 annual Agency Awards in Accra.

Also, three Sales Managers and three Branch Managers were also awarded for their sterling performance in the year under review.

The exemplary commitment displayed by the salesmen to beating their sales targets according to the company helped it improve its performance for the year hence, the recognition.

Speaking at the event, the Managing Director of SIC Life, Kwaku Appiah-Menka II on behalf of management applauded the Sales Agents for raising the banner of excellence in their line of duty.

“Your can-do spirit, especially demonstrated during this pandemic era, continue to impact positively on the fortunes of our dear Company” he stated.

SIC Life Sales Agents rewarded with all-expense-paid trip to Dubai

In wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the SIC Life MD revealed that, they will procure a robust sales agency portal to enhance customer sales experience.

“The new core life software we are in the process of procuring will feature a robust sales agency portal to enhance both customer and agents experience,” he said.

“Across various industries, customers seem to be transforming faster than service providers and cutting-edge technological innovation remains the only option to keep pace. There is no better platform than this to challenge our agents to be ready for the inevitable – leveraging the robots to improve sales efficiency and effectiveness” Mr. Appiah-Menka II noted.

He charged the Sales Agents to uphold the core values of SIC Life and work in accordance with the vision of the company.

SIC Life Sales Agents rewarded with all-expense-paid trip to Dubai

“Together, let us commit to ensuring that we uphold in high esteem the core values of SIC Life; ‘Integrity’, ‘Innovation’, ‘Customer Focus’ and ‘Teamwork.’ As we go about our daily activities, let us be reminded of the common vision of being the leading and most trusted brand in the insurance industry” he added.

In a speech read on his behalf, the Commissioner of Insurance, Dr. Justice Yaw Ofori commended management of SIC Life for the sterling performance in spite of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He however challenged them to roll-out of new life insurance products that meet the needs of the Ghanaian

Mr. Ofori also charged them to support the sales team deliver the targets by identifying tailored training programs that will optimize their efficiency.

“I will like to encourage us all to continue to explore innovation, conduct needs assessment of the Ghanaian and tailor insurance products to meet this need, and keep the interests of policyholders at the top of the chain in every sales pitch. I also want to congratulate all award winners for your accomplishments” he added. 

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