Some concerned members of the Ghana Athletics Association have filed a petition of restraining order for the removal of Professor Francis Dodoo, Mr. Bawa Fuseini and the dissolution of the entire executive committee for gross incompetence, misdemeanor, perjury, breaches of the constitution of Ghana Athletics Association (GAA), bad leadership and bad governance.

According to the group, Ghana have failed to produce great athletes in recent times due to mismanagement, greed, self-centeredness and many more.

Mr. Princeworth Anane-Asare who is the representative of the Ghana Technical Sports Association, spoke on behalf of the concerned members in a press conference held in Oforiwa House on July 21.

“We want fair trustworthy administration. If the executives cannot do this, with credible governance, then they should leave office. We want the executive Committee together with the secretary General to step down honorably or serious investigation will take place on the issues enumerate against them in the document we have attached. We want to advise Mr. Charles Osei Asibey, the President of Arm Wrestling Federation to honorably step down and leave the Marketing and Vice Presidency to the affairs of the people in Athletics to manage.”

“He is in the wrong territory. Concerning Mr. Asibey’s election, we say that it should be null and void because his the selection for his position did not go through due process and that one also has been referred. We do not condone with issues of conflict of interest with Mr. Bawa Fuseini as the President Triathlon Federation, Mr. Charles Osei Asibey as President of Ghana Arm Wrestling Federation and Mr. Ababu as Vice President of Handball Federation of Ghana,” he concluded.

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