The Founder of Family Renaissance International, Catherine Onwuiduokit says she is convinced that strengthening the cords of father-daughter relationships is one of the ways of curbing spousal abuse in homes.

Speaking on Joy FM’s ‘A Walk With Jesus’ on Sunday, she said, “When a father connects to a daughter, affirms, validates, holds, takes her out, spends time with her and speaks positively to her, it does something to her.

“She’ll hardly fall victim to abuse, and even if she does, she would never allow an abuser define her,” she added.

According to her, every woman is created by God to receive love and every woman is built and wired to receive affection.

“So when a woman is born into a home where the love tank was not full, it destroys the fabric upon which life lies for that woman,” she said.

Mama Carthy, as she is passionately called, explained that men who burst out at the slightest provocation and abuse women have a lot of bottled-up emotions and don’t know how to handle stress.

Mrs Onwuiduokit encouraged women in abusive relationships to separate from their oppressors and not fall for “abusers who are very cunning and know-how to manipulate and inflict pain but are quick to come back bleeding and crying”.

She reiterated that it’s high time parents took their male children through training on how to handle women and become good husbands in order to build strong Christian families.

The Founder of Family Renaissance International wants people to truly understand the dynamics of what makes a marriage work and not allow their sentiments and emotions to drive their decision to marry.