The chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Works and Housing and MP for Shai Osudoku constituency, David Tetteh Assumin says government has asked partners of the STX housing project to go and iron-out their differences.

According to him a crunch meeting held on Tuesday between government led by the Minister for Works and Housing and the STX partners saw the two groups agreeing to settle their internal wrangling in order to see a successful take-off of the project.

The STX housing project is facing issues of internal strife between the Koreans and their Ghanaian counterparts which is stalling the project.

Speaking to Asempa FM’s current affairs programme Ekosii Sen, soon after the crunch meeting Mr. Asumin assured Ghanaians that the housing project would be successful in spite of the challenges.

He noted that all the partners in the project were present and agreed to settle matters amicably in order to have a fruitful project.

“We have agreed that we must iron out our differences for the project to go on” he added.

Even though he was unable to tell when the partners would be able to settle matters, he assured that the government capable of bringing the two partners together again.

He said details of the crunch meeting would be addressed by the Minister for Water Resources, Works and Housing, Alban S.K. Bagbin later in the week.

“All the parties were present and have agreed to talk more on the internal bickering for the project to go on” he stated.


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