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Swiss cinema swaps out seats for double beds

A cinema in Switzerland is blurring the line between at-home comfort and a night out at the theatre with the introduction of a new auditorium equipped with beds instead of seats.

Pathe Switzerland, launched three special “VIP” theatres earlier this month in the small city of Spreitenbach, located northwest of Zurich.

In one of the new theatres, movie-goers will be able to lie back in double beds complete with adjustable headrests, pillows, and bedsheets. Oh, and a free pair of comfy slippers is also included for VIP ticket holders.

“Our customers should just feel like home, but with better comfort, sound and service,” Nina Doetzkies, an executive assistant at Pathe, told in an email.

The “bedroom cinema” houses 11 double beds, which can be reserved individually to avoid any awkwardness between lone customers.

“If you book one bed alone, the other side is blocked so you don’t have to lie side-by-side to someone you don’t know,” Doetzkies explained.

As for ensuring the beds remain clean for each guest, Doetzkies said the sheets, pillowcases, and blankets will be changed after every film.

“Hygiene is very important for us,” she said. “The sheets are changed after every session and washed by a well-established laundry, just like in a hotel.”

If watching a movie on a bed in public is too strange, customers will also have the option to buy a ticket to the VIP “lounge cinema” featuring double sofas. There is also a private balcony reserved for VIP guests in another IMAX theatre.

The luxurious accommodations don’t come cheap, however.

The price of admission to one of the VIP theatres is a whopping $49 Swiss Francs or $65 Canadian. The ticket does include access to the cinema’s “VIP Zone,” though, which offers free popcorn, soft drinks, and coffee. Doetzkies said alcoholic beverages, on the other hand, such as champagne and wine, cost extra.

Children will also be able to enjoy special treatment in a third new cinema that boasts bean bag seats, a ball pit, and a slide to use instead of stairs.

Doetzkies said they have received plenty of positive responses to the new cinemas with a lot of interest in the bedroom cinema, in particular.

“The people are thrilled about the new experience and really appreciate the quality and design of the beds,” she said.

Pathe Switzerland also offers seven “regular” theatres with a total capacity of 1,322 seats so Doetzkies said they’re not worried about the limited number of spaces in the VIP cinemas.