Some elders in Peki traditional area in the Volta Region have warned that a planned installation of a chief is illegal and could trigger conflict if allowed to go ahead.

In a statement released Sunday, the elders say the rightful owners of the stool are descendants of royal Atorvuvu-Nani family of Peki Blengo, Aduvieyi.

The elders have branded as illegal, the current rotation of the stool among three familes: The Nyagamagu Family, the Amaga Kofi Family and the Tutu-Brempong Family.

They say the stool fell to these families by “some ill-fated circumstances”.

The statement said the Regional House of Chiefs, Ho, have placed an Interlocutory Injunction on the enthronement process.

The Peki elders have warned that dignitaries should desist from attending the 21 November installation ceremony.


We, the undersigned, stand as ELDERS of and in the name of the ROYAL ATORVUVU-NANI FAMILY, and issue this communique for the attention and information of all Ghanaians, National House of Chiefs, the Regional House of Chiefs, The Peki Traditional Council, all Eminent Chiefs ofPeki Traditional Area, all citizens of the Peki Traditional Area, all GBI Citizens and,in particular,Citizens of Peki Blengo that the invitations making the rounds towards the so-called “Grand Installation of KING KWADZO DEI XII” as Paramount Chief of the Peki Traditional Area should be ignored and treated with the contempt it deserves. The invitations indicate that this ceremony will come off on Saturday, November 21, 2015.The whole programme is an illegality that some dishonest persons want to inflict and perpetuate on the people of Peki.

We therefore want to serve notice, and Notice is hereby served that all invitees (Their Royal Highness, Eminent Chiefs of Ghana, Traditional Councils, Dignitaries, Parliamentarians, Pastors and Churches and the General Public) who have been invited to this programme not to honour the programme.  Anyone who would ignore this notice or warning may have themselves to blame should something untoward beyond our control happen to them in Peki on that day.

The facts of the matter are as follows:

1. The Paramount Stool, on which the purported“TorgbeKordzo Dei XII”(known in private life as Mr. David Korku Bansah) is to be enthroned, does not belong to their family.  The rightful owners of Stool are the descendants of the ROYAL ATORVUVU-NANI FAMILY of PekiBlengo, Aduvieyi.   The stool got into the hands of the threefamilies;The Nyagamagu Family, The Amaga Kofi Family and the Tutu-Brempong Familyby some ill-fated circumstances.

2. Since then, these three families usurped power and authority over the Stool and for some years now have been carrying and/or conducting themselves as Royal Families and had rotated the reign on the stool amongst themselves over the years.  The descendants of the ROYAL ATORVUVU-NANI FAMILY were forced into exile for some time.  The rightful owners managed andcame back to resettle in their ancestral home Peki, Blengo for some time now and want their stool back.

 3. As tradition requires, we, The ROYAL ATORVUVU-NANI FAMILY approached the Gyasehene of PekiBlengo who was in custody of the Paramount Stool in September 2015, to initiate the process of enthroning one of our sons as the new Paramount Chief to replace the late DeigaKwadzo Dei XI who passed on and was buried on Saturday, February 28, 2015.  The Gyasehene bluntly refused the request and rather, to our consternation, reported the matter to the illegitimate rulers.

4. This action on the part of the Gyasehene prompted a panic reaction from the illegitimate rulers.  To the best of their minds, a quick enthronement of “a chief” no matter who the fellow was, will silence The ROYAL ATORVUVU-NANI FAMILY and will enable them to entrench themselves and continue perpetuating the illegality they had propagated on the people of Peki over the years.

5. The Asafo Group of Peki Blengo are not enthused one bit.  They are just waiting for The ROYAL ATORVUVU-NANI FAMILY to collect the Paramount Stool from these families and get a true Royal enthroned to rule over them.  They have virtually decided not to participate in any programme the three illegal rulersorganize.

6. Frustrated under the uncooperative attitude and posture of the Peki BlengoAsafo Group, the Queen Mother of Peki, Amaga Kofi Bra I, and a few others from the other two families resorted to going for the Asafo Group of Peki Avetile, a suburb of Peki, to assist them “catch” the illegitimate prospective heir for “Confinement”. It took a lot of effort on the part of the elders of The ROYAL ATORVUVU-NANI FAMILY to restrain the BlengoPeki Asafo Group from attacking the PekiAvetileAsafo Group who were sent to “catch” the illegitimate prospective heir, Mr. David Koku Bansah, who incidentally, is a direct younger brother of the Queen Mother.

7. At the request of The ROYAL ATORVUVU-NANI FAMILY, The Regional House of Chiefs, Ho, placed an Interlocutory Injunctionon the enthronement process.  Under the circumstances, Mr. David Koku Bansah was taken out of Confinement, bathed and let to go without the open outdooring and the Customary Swearing of the Traditional Oaths in the full glare of the Peki Chiefs and citizens as tradition requires.  In fact, in their rush to “Catch” Mr. Bansah for confinement, they sidestepped a lot of customary rites for which some elders and sub-chiefs of Peki Blengoare up in arms with them.

8. At the moment the matteris pending before the Regional House of Chiefs for adjudication.

9. Meanwhile, these illegitimateheirs are still doing things provocatively and deceiving some Eminent Chiefs in the Volta Region and other prominent personalities in Ghana to believe that they are in the process of enthroning the next Paramount Chief of Peki.

10. Finally, we want to sound caution that these hijackers are soliciting for funds towards the so-called installation ceremony.  As we have pointed out above, the whole program is a fraud, a hoax and an illegality that no one should honour such requests.  At the right time when the legitimate Paramount Chief is due to be outdoored and installed, all necessary arrangements would be made appropriately.

We the undersigned, standing in as ELDERS of and in the name

This contemptuous ceremony is illegitimate and would not come off!


We are in an era of “Rule of Law”The Laws of Ghana must be obeyed by all.  We urge the three families; TheNyagamagu Family, The Amaga Kofi Family and the Tutu-Brempong Familythat if they truly believe that they are the rightful and/or legitimate families to rule over the Peki State, then they shouldpresent themselvesto the Court of the Regional House of Chiefs, Ho for the determination of the case.


Until then, they should stop carrying and/or conducting and/or presenting themselves as Royals of PekiBlengo.  They are a bunch of an illegality on the people of Peki State.

Finally, we, the ROYAL ATORVUVU-NANI FAMILY want to assure all Ghanaians and especially the citizens of Peki State that as soon as this dust is settled, we will present to you one of our sons; a young, dynamic, well-educated development-oriented professional and technocrat as the next Legitimate heir of the Paramount Stool of Peki State.  He will come and restore all the lost glories of the Peki State under these hijackers for all these long years.  He will come and change the face of Peki and bring back smiles to the faces of all the people of Peki.





1)TORGBEWALTER KWESIADIKU…………………………………………………………..

         (HEAD OF FAMILY)                  

2) TORGBESETH YAO NANI……………………………………………………


3) TORGBECEPHAS KORMLANANI……………………………………………………


4) TORGBEWELBECK KWESINANI……………………………………………………