Two persons who allegedly robbed a taxi driver of his Toyota Vitz vehicle after slashing his left arm with a broken bottle have been remanded by an Accra Circuit Court.

Solomon Azure aka Baba Sulley aka 2PAC and Brian Ibrahim Adam aka Red are alleged to have pulled out the driver from the vehicle and bolted with it.

The two are facing charges of conspiracy to rob and robbery.

Azure pleaded guilty with an explanation but Adam denied the offences. The court presided over by Mrs. Evelyn Asamoah however rejected Azure’s explanation because the case is still under investigation.

According to Azure, he did not commit the offence with Adam but rather one Dida.

Azure said after committing the crime, he drove the vehicle to Circle and met Adam who had also come to Circle to buy food.

He said Dida, however, left him after he (Dida) had received a call from his wife.

Azure and Adam are, however, expected to reappear on June 29.

Inspector Benson Benneh who held the brief of Chief Inspector Emmanuel Haligah narrated that the complainant Emmanuel Asare is a taxi driver residing at Teshie in Accra.

The prosecution said Solomon resides at the Yam Market in Agbogbloshie in Accra whiles Adam unemployed resides at Kumasi Airport roundabout in the Ashanti region.

Inspector Benson said in March this year, Azure met Adam at Avenor Park in Accra and became friends and both have since been communicating on the phone although Adam later left for Kumasi.

The prosecution said Azure informed Adam about a car snatching business saying he knew one Nana who receives the vehicles and was ready to pay huge sums of money for any taxi brought to him for purchase.

The prosecution said on May 24, this year, Adam traveled to Accra and stayed with Azure at the Yam market in Agbogbloshie.

The prosecution said on May 28, Azure and Adam hatched a plan to rob taxi drivers of their cars so they went to Nungua-Brigade and engaged the services of the complainant who was then in charge of Toyota Vitz with registration number GW 4985-19 .

The prosecution said the accused asked the taxi driver to transport them to Emef Estate in Lashibi and Azure sat behind the driver while Adam sat in the front seat.

The prosecution said on reaching a spot at Emef Estate road, Azure alerted the driver that they would want to alight so the driver stopped the vehicle.

The prosecution said Azure alighted and walked to the driver’s door as if he was going to pay the fare whilst Adam remained seated at the front seat.

The prosecution said Azure opened the driver’s door and began pulling him from his seat but the driver was stuck to his seat as a result of the seat belt he was wearing.

He said Azure then broke a bottle he was holding and slashed the complainant’s left arm and pulled him out of the car.

The prosecution said Adam quickly jumped onto the steering wheel and Azure joined him and both sped off with the vehicle.

He said the complainant reported the incident to the police at Sakumono where he was issued with a medical report form to seek medical attention.

The prosecution said on June 3, this year, the complainant went to the Sakumono Police Station’s Criminal Investigation Department and saw Azure and Adam.

He said the complainant identified them to the Police as those who robbed him of his vehicle.

The Prosecution said Azure and Adam in their cautioned statement admitted the offence where the two accused indicated that they have given the vehicle to one Nana and Dida.

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