Two Ivorians arrested for fraud

Two Ivorian nationals have found themselves in police grip for allegedly attempting to defraud a Ghanaian businesswoman of GHÈ» 5,000.

The suspects, Tuom Kiaye, 25-year-old trader and Konerassaul Elyese, 23, purportedly attempted to defraud one Mabel Adjei Agbeyegah of her money through money doubling.

They were apprehended when the victim, suspecting their actions, immediately informed the police.

Confirming their arrest, Chief Superintendent Abraham Acquaye, Odorkor District Police Commander, said the Ivoirians were arrested near Kata Hotel, Hong Kong area at Kwashieman in Accra.

Mabel Adjei Agbeyegah, (complainant) reported that the two Ivorians came to look for her at her store but they did not meet her and so left a message with her sales boy that they needed her for an important discussion.

On July 15, 2014, the two men again came to her shop one afternoon and met her personally.

In their discussion, the suspects indicated that they had been doubling money to individuals who needed help and that if she had GHÈ»,5,000 they could double it to GHÈ» 10,000 instantly.

The complainant said the suspects further said they also printed dollars and that if she needed dollars they could as well provide her with some.

Having in their possession were a gallon of some liq­uid, pieces of paper cut into cedi and dollar sizes, cotton wool, some gloves and other items.

After turning some papers into fake Ghanaian cedis by way of demonstration to convince the complainant, the two asked the victim to deposit the aforementioned amount so that they could double it and leave.

The complainant then decided to leave the shop, locked them up together with his sales boy in the shop and quickly reported the matter to the police.

Upon interrogation, they admitted he offence but added that a Nigerian used the same modus operandi to defraud them GHS,000 and so they also wanted to use that same method to defraud the woman in order to get back their money.

The two are in police custody and have been charged with attempted fraud.

They would appear before court today for trial to begin.