Two persons have been sentenced to eight years in jail by an Adentan Circuit Court over a lawyer’s stolen items.

The convicts were accused of stealing Lawyer Henry Siaw Gyamfi’s two computers, assorted items and cash in the sum of GH¢400.00

Kwesi Botwe was sentenced to five years imprisonment for unlawful entry and stealing while Samuel Otoo was sentenced to three years imprisonment for dishonestly receiving.

Botwe 39, and Otoo 29, both farmers, pleaded guilty to their respective charges.

The court presided over by Sediman A. Balokah convicted the accused persons on their plea and sentenced them accordingly.

Chief Inspector Maxwell Lanyo, the Prosecutor, said the complainant Henry Siaw Gyamfi resides at Adenta SSNIT Flats.

Chief Inspector Lanyo said on July 30, this year, at about 0700 hours, the complainant woke up and detected that his apartment was broken into through the sitting room window.

The Prosecution said the complainant’s brown bag, which is valued at GH¢2,240, one HP Laptop valued at GH¢1,500, one laptop computer valued at GH¢1,200, an Airpod Pro valued GH¢1,394, an iPad valued GH¢5,034, assorted ID Cards, a pen drive and cash in the sum of GH¢400.00 were stolen.

Chief Inspector Lanyo said the complainant reported the incident to the Police at Adentan and investigations commenced.

During Police investigations, the prosecution said the Police had information about Botwe’s extravagance at a game centre at Adenta and he was picked up.

During interrogation, the prosecution said Botwe told the Police that he had information of some stolen items at a hidden place and he went for those items on July 30, this year.

However, while sending the booty away, Otoo and a security man apprehended him and took the items from him.

The Prosecution said Botwe led Police to Otoo’s workplace and he was arrested.

During the arrest of Otoo, a brown leather bag, two computers, an Ipad, pen drive, assorted ID cards, receipts and a lady’s purse containing GHC2.00 were retrieved from his living room.

Chief Inspector Lanyo said later the complainant identified the items retrieved as his.

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