United Way Ghana has partnered with P&G Alumni Foundation to diversify livelihood opportunities and support financial stability for farmers and fisherfolks in Senya Beraku in the Central Region.

The focus of the project is to build the capacity of beneficiaries to establish and manage supplementary businesses in beekeeping and other vocations including production of tie and dye fabric, soap, pomade, hand sanitizer and face masks.

The intent is to support income generation and ease the economic burden from dwindling fish stocks and low farm yields.

Meanwhile, low rainfall and use of fishing trawlers have negatively impacted the income of farmers and fisher folk in the community.

United Way Ghana, P&G Alumni to improve lives of residents in Senya Beraku

Nonetheless, United Way Ghana, a trusted non-profit, will bring its local expertise and community experience in similar beekeeping and vocational training projects to this partnership.

“We believe this project is a significant catalyst for economic empowerment. If the businesses that are formed from this project are managed well by beneficiaries, it will provide a pathway out of poverty and act as an engine for growth for the people of Senya Beraku,” said Janet L. Butler, acting Executive Director of United Way Ghana.

As one of the communities with a high poverty rate in the Central Region, the intervention also addresses child labor and trafficking, and financial hardship compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic; which has added increased pressure to provide food and healthcare to already struggling families.

This project is funded by a grant from the P&G Alumni Foundation.

In line with the P&G Alumni Foundation’s mission, the project aims to increase the income stability and livelihoods for the most marginalized members of society including rural farmers and fishermen.

“Creating economic opportunities for people through training, business skills, and entrepreneurial support has never been more critical. This project will not only produce life-changing results for individuals and families but also help boost the local economy and development in Senya Beraku,’ said Sarah Woods, Executive Director of the P&G Alumni Foundation.

Set to begin in May 2021, the initiative will benefit over 40 residents in Senya Beraku in the Awutu-Senya District.
The partnership will also educate beneficiaries on financial literacy and business management to help sustain their new trade for the long term.

The community-led partnership by United Way Ghana and P&G Alumni Foundation is supported by Engage Now Africa, Lead Afrique International, Cheerful Hearts Foundation, Community Leaders, and the District Assembly office.