The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) has resolved to call off its industrial action, indefinitely.

This resolution follows an emergency meeting held on Tuesday to consider the outcome of the referenda on the National Executive Committee’s decision to temporarily suspend the industrial action which commenced on 10th January, 2022.

In a statement dated March 8, UTAG said, “after careful assessment of the referenda results, interim agreements reached between UTAG and the Employer, and the various branch reports, the NEC of UTAG resolved to indefinitely suspend the strike action of 10th January, 2022.”

Earlier, the NEC of UTAG decided to temporarily suspend the strike action from Monday, February 21, to Friday, March 4, in order to make way for negotiations.

However, 12 out of the 15 UTAG branches voted to reject the directive, insisting that they will resume lectures only if the employer grants their request.

As a result, the NEC of UTAG in its latest press statement, has assured its members that it will ensure that all concerns raised will be addressed by the Employer.

“The NEC of UTAG promises to monitor and police the full implementation of all agreements with the employer and to work with clear timelines and roadmaps to ensure that all promises and agreements are respected.

“There would no longer be reactionary measures but proactive interventions that would not wait till matters get out of hand before resorting to industrial actions,” parts of the statement read.

UTAG wants government to restore their 2012 conditions of service, which pegged the monthly income of entry-level lecturers at $2,084.

The Association has complained that the current arrangement has reduced its members’ basic premiums to $997.84.