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Video: Kwame Oboadie prays to God for a Benz

An Adom TV presenter has gone viral after posting a video requesting God gives him money to buy a Mercedes Benz before he dies.

Kwame Oboadi, as he is popularly called, is seen mesmerised at the behaviour of the latest model of the brand, after it stopped abruptly in traffic. Little did he know that was how the car was designed.  

‘I thought it had spoilt so I called my friend and he explained to me that it was not a misnomer,’  he said in the Twi language.

The presenter in awe said that apparently, the car could read when he is in traffic, so it stopped working when he got into traffic and only started again when the other cars began to move.

His request to God to grant him the riches to enjoy such luxury has been trending since he posted the video on his social media handle.

Watch the full video below: