Scores of unemployed nurses have accused the police of physical abuse while they picketed the Health ministry demanding jobs.

The unemployed health workers called “Unemployed Nurse Assistants Association 2016” say they were surprised to meet police opposition to their peaceful protest on Monday.

The group said they officially notified the Ghana Police Service and the Health Ministry of their picketing plans slated for February 19 if they remained unposted.

A leader of the group Ibrahim Aremeyaw complained they have not been posted after completing public nursing training institutions in 2016.

According to the group, after writing several letters to the Health Ministry, they get the same reply that, their postings are being processed.

PKT Nurse

Ibrahim Aremeyaw speaking to Joy News' Maxwell Agbagba

“…the police commander told us yesterday, [Monday] if we don’t stop and leave, in a short while we will see what will happen to us”, he told Joy News’ Maxwell Agbagba, Tuesday morning.

Mr. Aremeyaw further claimed they were beaten and dispersed by the police and some of their members are now on admission at the hospital.

“…we don’t even know where some of them are at the moment because they all ran away yesterday,” he said.

“…they are even afraid to come back here today,” he added.

Meanwhile, another group, “Coalition of Unposted Private Nurses” is at the Ministry to have their data captured and get posted.

Their President, one Fredrick Baah told Joy News most of them completed “as far back as 2012” but have still not be posted.

He said some of them do have some employment with private hospitals but the salary and other conditions of service are not encouraging hence their desire to be enrolled in the government system.

PKT Nurse

Fredrick Baah 

“…after picketing and many follow-ups the Ministry has called us to have our data captured so we can be posted,” he said.

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