Vodafone Ghana is aiming to be recognized as the data supplier of choice in Ghana, through what officials say are ‘heavy investments’ in expanding its fixed and mobile network.

The telecom operator is also upgrading its existing technical infrastructure to improve the online experience for mobile and fixed data to offer the fastest consumer tariffs.

Commercial Director at Vodafone, Marc Norris says the company wants “to take leadership in enhancing the livelihood of customers; we want to support their lifestyles online… for our mobile customers, we have 3G to support their needs. Our customers can now carry large amounts of data quickly”.

“Now in Kumasi and Accra, you have Ghana’s fastest broadband network of any of our competitors on mobile. It’s going very well and obviously we’re expanding it and on the fixed side of things we’re also rolling out what we call ‘fixed network transformation’. Now the benefit to the customer is that we’ll have more lines available for both voice and data, Mr. Norris told Luv Biz Report in Kumasi.

He says the company is constantly evolving and introducing new promotions to cater for the needs of customers.

“For instance, we recently added the Double Value offer to our portfolio. Through this offer, our customers receive 100 percent bonus credit on top-up of Gh2 and above and 50 per free SMS on-network”, said Mr. Norris.

Meanwhile, Vodafone says a good majority of its subscribers have been captured under the mobile phone SIM registration exercise.

The Commercial Director is hopeful over 93 percent of Vodafone SIM holders would have registered by the June 30 deadline.

Story by Kofi Adu Domfeh/Luv Fm/Ghana