Yaw Sakyi

Rite Sports CEO, Yaw Sakyi Afari, has tasked other sporting disciplines to gather data so as to help government and potential sponsors to make informed decisions.

In the last few years, there have been a number of discussions centred on the lack of support for sports apart from football.

In an interview on the Joy Sports Link on Saturday, Mr Sakyi started by highlighting the fact that not everyone will be fascinated by football growing up.

“The focus for me is what support are we giving to other disciplines? In my checks the other time with the National Sports Authority, [I found out that] we have over 30 sporting disciplines,” he told Nathaniel Attoh.

“What kind of support are we giving to the other disciplines to come up and be more competitive? The fact is not every child growing up will be eager to play football. We need to give them an opportunity to hone their talents.”

He then tasked the various sporting disciplines to make a concious effort to gather data so as to help them receive funding from relevant associations.

“What we are lacking [in Ghana] is data. What support is basketball and other sports given? We need the data to be able to make policies concerning them.”

“If the minister of Youth and Sports wants to allocate funding to football, he knows that he is giving them the amount because the sport is functioning well in this country. There are clubs, academies and several things which are clear. Every kid that wants to play football knows the path to go through. Can we say the same for others?”

Sakyi and Rite Sports Limited are behind Ghana’s biggest basketball competitions including the Sprite Ball Championship.