What was meant to be merriment at a wedding reception at the Infiniti Night Club turned sour when huts, under which merrymakers were celebrating, catastrophically collapsed on the newly wedded couple and their guests.

Several people who sustained severe injuries in the tragic incident were rushed to the Mamprobi Polyclinic, New Generation Clinic at South Odorkor Estates and Cocoa Clinic at Kaneshie on the night of 24 July 2011.

A former Black Star player, Baffuor Gyan, the owner of the Infiniti Night Club, is now being pressed by the affected patrons to cough a whopping GH¢1,500 for each of the victims with serious injuries and GH¢1,000 for those with minor injuries, for his alleged negligence which led to the abrupt end of an exciting programme and injuries caused them.

The spokesperson for the victims, Theophilus Amuah, who happens to be the adopted father of the groom, explained to Myjoyonline.com that the amount is to compensate the victims for the damages they suffered, and to also enable those who are still undergoing treatment to foot their bills.

But Baffuor Gyan, he said, has refused to pay the adequate compensation to the victims on the grounds that he paid the hospital bills of some of the victims.

Mr Amuah recounted that Mr Gyan and his wife who is the proprietress of the club had initially agreed to discuss the aftermath of the disaster to fashion out how to provide further treatment to the victims.

However, he said, both Mr Gyan and his wife have neglected the victims who are still undergoing treatment, and have also refused to meet with them.

“All efforts failed to meet them failed, to the extent that the Dansoman District Police had to be involved. Eventually, he came and proposed through the wife to give GH¢1,000.00 for further treatment of all the seventeen (17) victims which infuriated the victims. He later agreed to add GH¢500.00 and nothing more. The victims saw this as an insult to their integrity and are therefore planning to take the issue to Court,” Mr Amuah claimed,

He moreover stated: “We all agree it is an accident, but the attitude of the owner of Infiniti Night Club was unacceptable since the life of people were at stake, and to add insult to injury, he proposed GH¢ 1,500.00 for further treatment of all the 17 victims.”