Who at all is Sir John?

It is rather unfortunate that politics in Ghana has been indeed cast down to pigs that are trampling on them with the alacrity of a desperate lion.

My heart really bleeds when belligerent braggart, a defined weirdo like Owusu Afriyie who calls himself a general secretary breaks silence.

It is sad to note, however, that a walking contradiction of Sir John’s calibre walks under the honorrific lawyers in Ghana.

The question every Ghanaian would want to ask anytime this man vomits his unsavoury comments into the public is :is he indeed a lawyer?. It is no surprise to doubt because his foul sense of judgement vindicates and even if he is, then it is problematic for our law school to produce such an “uncultured infantile lawyer” whose ranting is much more than a desperate politician.

After ditching Akuffo Addo’s chances of victory in the just ended 2012 polls with the likes of Sammy Awuku, Ulsula Owusu and others with their “bad mouth” they shamefully they turn round to blemish the Electoral Commission with allegations of fraud.

l think Owusu Afriyie would do himself a lot of good by reading all the verse in the book of Proverbs so as to embrace the wisdom of the “Good Book” in order to avert the possibility of availing himself to similar future embarrassment.

A man who only makes sense when he is silent, a walking contradiction as many political pundits refer him. For the common good of our democracy it is quiet imperative for those who matter in the NPP to truncate the entire line of leadership of the party to save the fortunes of the party which is tired to the apron strings of Danquah Busiah tradition.

Owusu Afriyie’s recent commentaries on sensitive issues in this country are indeed suicidal not to talk of his lack of utter veneration for His Excellency John Mahama. He often tramples on the president’s reputation with impunity when he is privy to the fact that he cannot even win assemblyman position in his village.

Recently, l heard him dragging the integrity of the police force into the muds by referring the police as NDC police. It indeed raises an eyebrow because does it mean the police was NPP police when Kuffour was in office,l leave that to readers to answer.

I think this apology of a general secretary must be shaken from his slumber and protracted follies to save the sinking image of the very party locked to the heart of my father and other numerous Ghanaians sacrificing their everything for the party.

Ivan Kyei Innocent.
nanakyei81@gmail.com /0206262717