At the tender age of 9, Willow Smith is wasting no time in becoming the next star to branch out from her family tree.

The daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith – already a noted young fashionista – is pursuing a career in music and has the Internet abuzz with her first single, “Whip My Hair.”

The Rihanna-esque track is a drum-heavy ode to just letting it loose. Armed with lyrics like “I whip my hair back and forth…don’t let my haters take me off my grind,” it’s no wonder that the pint-sized diva in the making has quickly gained a celebrity following from some of the big kids.

After hearing “Whip My Hair,” Solange Knowles (who knows a thing or two about having über-famous relatives) expressed her admiration via Twitter.

“WIllow Smith make me wanna whip some haiiirrr in this house. Ummm kill em girl. Kill em!,” Knowles said.

Source: CNN