Every one of us has an unfulfilled dream we’re pursuing, and the many trials that threaten to force us out of its path.

There comes a time along this journey when we reach the point of desperation and the will to persist fades. The cords of defeat tie nooses around our necks and we want nothing more than to simply give up.

At that same point the line between wrong and right, left and right, good and bad, and moral and immoral become very blurry, as we seek for quick-fix solutions to ease our pain.

Suffering a few jabs from the fist of disappointment brings us to our knees in depression, and effectively loosen our grip on every moral code we hold close to our chest. Times have turned tough and the needs are dire.

See, you could be the most upright, moralistic individual, and yet when you are hit with pain, anguish, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and a helplessness that comes with disappointment, you might sink deep into a darkness of immorality and iniquity and never recover.

The challenges of life often force us to make moves and take decisions outside our moral radar. Choices that we would ordinarily have never thought of or even dared to do. Why? It’s simply because things have repeatedly refused to go as expected and the dream seems to be further away from when we first begun.

Winifred hMensa: The perils of life's pursuit

I also believe that nobody in their right mind will decide to go against every moral pre-imprinted code in their DNA. No, they don’t. It is as a result of past events and happenings that causes us to take decisions and actions that affect us in the present.

Oftentimes, we are so quick to condemn others for the choices they have made. We misjudge them and push them further down that abyss of wrongness. But we forget that there is a backstory behind the curtain. Something that may have pushed them into the unwanted state they find themselves in.

Yes, I do agree that greed is a major factor. But we also need to know that every greed starts with a need. And when that need goes unmet for longer than anticipated, it creates a vacuum that sucks everything in.

The ripple effect of the sum total of every single decision made directly or indirectly by us and for us, leads us down paths unimagined. It takes only the grace and mercies of God to stay on the straight and narrow. And even with that, the cries of our soul for comfort constantly wills us outside our path.

Some say that if it is a God-given dream it’ll be smooth sailing. Well, I beg to differ. I’ve learnt that God-given dreams often face the stiffest opposition. Take Joseph in the Bible for example.

Trust me, if you’re dealing with yesterday’s disappointment, today’s defeat, last week’s rejection, and broken dreams from a month ago, your situation will lead you down a rabbit hole of mental chaos and desolation that will push you to walk along the very periphery of your moral boundaries. And the funny thing is, you may not even realise it.

So what do you do?

Winifred hMensa: The perils of life's pursuit

This is what I recommend. Keep the Word of God before you as that is the only constant that our lives can be pivoted on. Make God your goal, infuse faith in your dealings with Him, and let love be multiplied throughout your actions with men.

Always, I repeat, always maintain your faith. It takes faith to stay in a prison when you know you’re meant for the palace. It takes faith to be willing to go through fire instead of bowing to an idol. It takes faith to maintain a connection with your Father, when everything else is designed to distract you. It takes faith to believe that the dream will come true even in the face of adversity.

Next, don’t compound today’s concerns with yesterday’s sorrows. Measure each day by its own worth and pay its price accordingly. Discard the negatives of your past and only include them only if it divides you from a painful past and adds hope to your present.

Remember that everything else is fading away, and sometimes the purpose of that goal is to build your character. So don’t despair. Take in the journey as a learning experience, staying open to change. Be open also to correction. Be open to a redirection. The dream may be yours, but the path to it lies with God.

While fighting for yours, understand that others are also learning to live their lives. Therefore, be more considerate in your judgement of others and if possible help them along their paths.

Lastly, know that desperate times will come. Not once, not twice, much more than we would like. However, remember that you have been pre-destined to walk these paths of promise even before time itself began, and without a doubt, you will get there.

In the meantime take a firm hold of your destiny and determine to stay on God’s path no matter how rocky the road gets. Know that regardless of how inadequate or ill-prepared you may be when these tough times come, the One Who leads you knows the way and He will bring you to it.

So put the pep back in your step, square your shoulders and wake up to your dream. It awaits you.