The People of Dagbon are set to celebrate the eighth anniversary of the passing of the late former Vice President Aliu Mahama.

The week-long celebration in Yendi will feature life-touching activities to eulogize the legacies of the first Muslim Vice President.

Dr Samuel Frimpong, the Executive Director of the Aliu Mahama Foundation, said the anniversary is meant to replicate the iconic and fulfilling life of the late statesman.

He added, “The anniversary will avail the opportunity for the foundation to continue with its projects and programmes aimed at transforming the lives of the people of Yendi.”

The week-long event will begin with the launch of ‘Zongo Laafia’, a health and wellness outreach program on Wednesday by Samira Bawumia. 

The Foundation in a press release on Monday said it will hold the 4th Memorial Lecture of the late Vice President to be addressed by the Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah.

The lecture will be held on November 16 in Yend under the theme: ‘Dagbon to the world; the example of Alhaji Aliu Mahama.”

As part of activities also lined-up for the 8th-anniversary, the Guest of Honour for the Memorial Lecture and businessman, CEO of McDan Group Dr. Daniel McKorley will launch the McDan Skills Development Center in Yendi to empower the youth with employable skills. 

The Foundation further said there will be a photo exhibition of the works and times of Alhaji Mahama who served under the Kufuor administration between 2001 and 2009. 


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